Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Blüchermuseum Kaub e.V.

Help us to preserve and further develop the Blücher Museum. A city. The museum lives in short financial times on the support of many volunteers, on donations of money and goods as well as on the contributions of its members. So are we.

For this reason we founded an association in 1982, whose aim is to preserve the dignified memory of the Prussian Field Marshal Genhard Leberecht von Blücher and his legendary Rhine crossing in the New Year's Night 1813/14 here in Kaub. The same applies to the original rooms he occupied in the former "Stadt Mannheim" guesthouse, where our museum is now located.


The historical house from the year 1780 was purchased by the town of Kaub in 2009 and the renovation work could begin immediately. Beside official donors also the members of our association were present by honorary and energetic assistance with the necessary work.

In 2013, the 1st construction phase was completed and the restored museum rooms were reopened to the public. Now the further conversion and expansion is on the agenda. In addition to our existing museum rooms, we will receive further rooms that will considerably increase our exhibition space and allow us to present exhibits that have been stored so far to visitors. But again the money is scarce and a procurement is extremely difficult.

Therefore, we would like to reiterate our initial request for financial assistance. Please donate as well, as the people once did in 1813 when they called: "I gave gold for iron".

You do not have to sacrifice your gold jewellery, any amount of money in any amount is more than welcome. Or become a member and support us with your membership fee.

Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Blüchermuseum Kaub e.V.
c/o Dieter Weber
Adolf Street 20
D-56349 Kaub on the Rhine
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